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1 – hundreds of hot ideas

You don’t need to be creative for this game. We’ve got you covered. 

2 – bed sheet examples

From spicy to comfy, we have several examples all ready and built out for you. It couldn’t be easier to start playing. Seriously, you could be getting it on in seconds. 

3 – Step by step tool

Our brainstorming tool allows you to customize your entire sheet in the app… like adding toppings while ordering a pizza. It’s that quick and easy. 

4 – virtual dice

Keep losing your die? We know you’re distracted. Roll on your phone!  

5 – skip the prep work

Wanna save time? Play this game 100% on the app. That’s right, you can play without making the bed, or writing out any prompts. You could even play on vacation, the couch or wherever the urge strikes.


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