Intimate Fun Awaits you

In the Bedroom

“The most fun we’ve had since our honeymoon!”

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An extra fun & flirty bedroom game. Draw closer, connect and make sexy memories you’ll never want to forget.

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Just make the bed! Your partner’s in for a fun surprise. Prep is quick and easy with our free app. Reuse the sheet over and over with the included washable markers.

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To get each other as aroused as possible! Believe us, both of you win this game. 100% customizable, exactly your style and a smidgen outside your comfort zone. 

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This is the perfect gift to say “I love you (and I want you)” It’s also an excellent bridal shower, wedding, or anniversary gift.

Sexy Fun Formula:

1 – Make That bed

Make your bed with the included fitted sheet. It’s a sexy, silky, high quality Sateen 100% cotton sheet that’s pre-printed with a board game!

2 – think sexy

Time to brainstorm your hottest, silliest and wildest foreplay ideas. Or better yet, download our app with hundreds of ideas all ready for you.

3 – coloring time

Use the included washable fabric markers and customize your bedroom game experience!

4 – rinse & repeat

Once you’re done playing, throw that *dirty* sheet in the wash. Write on over and over! 

Surprise your partner in the sheets!

They’ll never forget it.

unlock hundreds of foreplay ideas for an

awesome twosome


Get inspired

Try a pre-made game

Customize your own