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Got some questions?

is my sheet reusable?

Completely! Inside every game you will find a set of fabric markers. Those things are WASHABLE! That’s right. When your sheet gets *dirty* just throw it right in your washing machine. It’ll come out perfectly clean and ready for a new game. Get it on again, and again, and again.   

uhh – are the markers going to smear all over us?

No worries. These markers are made for sheets, not skin! The ink will stay on the bed where it belongs, and wash right out in the washer. It won’t bleed through either onto your mattress. 

okay, but what in the world do we write?

ANYTHING. That’s the fun part. Don’t be afraid to get sexy, silly or sensual. To make it even easier for you, there’s a HUGE app full of premade game examples and ideas that are hot, hot, hot.

do I need the app?

Need? No. Want? Definitely! The app is going to give you hundreds of ideas. Seriously, they’re really fun. Plus, you can roll the die right on your phone. You’re not gonna want to search your blankets and floor for dice right when things are getting busy…  

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Give it a Try!

Trust us.

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